Our client, Equity Office, did some major renovations to their commercial 114 West 41st Street property in NYC this year. Changes included soaring ceilings that were over 12 feet, exposed brick, open pantries, and a new dual-entrance lobby. They also built an exclusive tenant amenity center that features a billiards room, a communal pantry, and a media lounge with bleacher seating. It’s an impressive space – ideal for meetings, private events and screenings. Equity needed to get the word out in the broker community that this hot new amenity space was here, to attract and entice potential tenants. So they enlisted our help.

Pace blog_114 West 41st Street building

114 West 41st Street, NYC

The challenge: what to do to get the attention of busy commercial real estate brokers, who see hundreds of things cross their desks every day? We needed to create something different – not just an ordinary mailer, but something that would demand to be opened and command the attention of busy brokers.

Pace Blog_busy broker desk

How do you compete for attention on a busy desk like this?

We decided to focus on the new billiards room in the tenant amenity center at 114 West 41st – because who doesn’t love a good game of pool? And a billiards theme could provide a number of creative options. So we created a package that included a set of pool cue chalk, enclosed in a box showing a rendering of the new billiards room at 114 West 41st Street.

Pace blog_114 W 41-pool cue chalk_IMG_9246

The box of pool cue chalk we sent to brokers

The chalk box would be intriguing enough to open by itself, but to further enhance its appeal we created a postcard to accompany the package. The front of the postcard showed some pool cue and pool ball imagery and bore the message: “YOUR TURN TO BREAK”:

Pace blog_114 W 41-postcard-pool cue box_IMG_9252

The full package: postcard (front) and box of pool cue chalk delivered to brokers

The back of the postcard showed a rendering of the pantry and media lounge, with a list of the amenity center features, suggested tenant uses of the facility, and contact information. All in all, an effective and affordable way to uniquely spotlight this amenity lounge and encourage brokers to come see it, and to bring their tenants to see it, as well.

Pace blog_114 W 41-postcard-pool cue box_2_IMG_9251

The full package, part 2: postcard (back) and box of pool cue chalk delivered to brokers

Equity Office was pleased with the concept and the final deliverable of the package. The mailer just went out recently, so we’re only beginning to hear comments and initial feedback from the client has been very positive.

Need some creative thinking for how to showcase your new space, new office or new homes? We’d love to put our minds to work for you.

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