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Pace Blog_Space_Shuttle_liftoff…or as NASA would say, “We have liftoff!”


What’s new at Pace? Practically everything. We’ve officially launched our highly anticipated agency rebranding initiative, including our new logo, new website (paceadv.com), along with new talent, new service lines, and new energy – and we couldn’t be more excited.


Pace Logo

Unveiled at last… our new Pace logo!

After six decades of innovation in developing branding and marketing campaigns for commercial and residential development and brokerage clients, we thought it was time to shake things up a little. To celebrate the rebrand, we hosted a kickoff party on November 4th in our New York City office in Union Square. (Of course, we’ll share pictures from the big bash soon.)

Pace_Cara Faske, President

Cara Faske, Pace President

It all started last year, when Cara Faske was named the agency’s new president. In her first year, Cara has implemented a series of changes leading up to our rebrand. The most prominent of these early changes were personnel related, including the recent hiring of our new Creative Director, Jane Kramer. Other personnel changes have included the hiring of Heather Malko as our Vice President, Account Director; Philip Chadwick, Creative Services Director; Karen Stolzenberg, Senior Account Executive; and Katie Cope, Account Coordinator.

Here’s what Cara had to say about all the changes:

“This is an exciting and very pivotal time in the growth of Pace. We have such a storied history in the industry, with a tenure that goes back to 1949. The agency has evolved over the years to meet the challenges of a changing world. We recognize the need to stay in constant motion – and that’s what this new brand strategy is all about: to reintroduce the agency, build awareness, and let people know that we’ve really upped our game. We’ve invested in new technologies, new talent, and expanded our capabilities in so many new ways. Today, we’re able to provide a depth of services for our clients that’s far beyond what we’ve ever offered before when it comes to strategic branding and marketing, with a new level of creativity and analytics that today’s world demands.”

Pace_Jane Kramer, Creative Director

Jane Kramer, Pace Creative Director

And Jane commented on our new logo and visual identity:

“It’s challenging as an agency to carve out critical time to focus on yourself. We get so busy doing work for clients that it’s easy to neglect our own brand. But like they tell you when you’re on a flight: always put your own oxygen mask on first before you assist someone else. And that’s what we’ve done – we’ve resuscitated our own brand. Pace has been around for so many years, that a lot of people have established or preconceived notions of who we are – and we want to shake that reputation up. Our new visual identity is clean, sophisticated and contemporary. The “p” glyph shows motion, which directly relates to our Pace name, indicating that we are on the move. There’s a vital, new energy at the agency that’s palpable. We’re ready for a new phase of unprecedented growth.”

Pace Homepage Screen Shot

Our new online presence begins here…

Take some time to check out our new website. Get to know some more about who we are today, what we do now, and our philosophy on strategy and branding. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn… bookmark our blog and check in to read our latest insights and other fun content.  And let us know what you think – we are very interested in your comments!

It’s a brand-new day at Pace… thanks for coming along for the ride!