George N. Aslanian



’Twas a dark and stormy night. A waxing gibbous illuminated the sky. Tim Burton’s Batman debuted in theaters as George was born with a mind soon-to-be overly influenced by all things entertainment. He liked 3 Ninjas, so he trained Tae Kwon Do. Heard LL Cool J and started making beats. Watched Ong-Bak and took up Muay Thai, even becoming an MMA fight judge along the way. Eventually, Mad Men appeared on his Netflix queue, so he decided to give advertising a try. Over half a decade later, he’s become an award-winning copywriter and Google Certified digital marketer, crafting conceptually-driven campaigns that tell intriguing brand stories across multiple platforms. Nowadays, George prefers the simple life — like books printed on actual paper and movies filmed on sets without screens of green. When not with his wife and kids, he enjoys making comics, watching crime flicks, and writing his own bio in third person.