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Deb Taylor

Senior Art Director


Deb has worked for SMMC/PACE since the day she graduated college 17 years ago. A talented and multi-faceted designer, over the course of her career she has designed and produced virtually every type of real estate marketing tool including brand campaigns, logos, brochures, ads, marketing suites, direct mail, premium items and web sites for residential, commercial and corporate clients. Her vast knowledge of real estate marketing and deep institutional memory of its evolution lend a key perspective and insight into each new assignment – particularly given today’s rapid pace of change.

A cum laude graduate of Alfred University’s School of Art & Design, and a Presidential Scholar, her Honors Thesis project was a cookbook/family history book combining family recipes with stories of how they were passed down and used from generation to generation.  A copy resides at the Alfred University Library and can be checked out.

Deb actively supports a number of organizations with pro-bono work and legally spray paints large rocks as fundraisers. Her hobbies include paddle boarding, reading, DIY Projects and hiking.