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A Pace Initiative for Gender Equality


Pace proudly salutes the women of real estate!
Here’s to every achievement earned, every milestone passed, and every glass ceiling shattered.
Our Pace Common Ground TRAILBLAZERS campaign spotlights women who have made significant strides in commercial and residential real estate and related fields. We launched the campaign in February 2017, to direct attention to the issue of Gender Equality. Pace has been recognized for our Common Ground campaign with feature stories in industry publications and several awards. We were honored at the 17th annual “Top Women in Real Estate” gala dinner in 2017 as “Organization of the Year” by Sokol Media, a women-owned real estate publishing company. In 2018, we also received a SAM Award from the New Jersey Builders Association and a FAME Award from the NJ Shore Builders Association to honor the campaign.

Pace Common Ground Kenne Shepherd

Kenne Shepherd

Kenne Shepherd, Founder and Director of Kenne Shepherd Interior Design Architecture PLLC


Women and girls represent half of the world’s population, but gender inequality persists everywhere. According to the United Nations, women in the labor market still earn an average of 24% less than men globally. Advancing gender equality is critical for social progress.