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Adrienne Albert: A Common Ground Conversation with the CEO of The Marketing Directors

Pace Blog_Common Ground_MentorAnything but Common!

As part of our Common Ground campaign for Gender Equality, Pace proudly salutes the women of real estate! Here’s to every achievement earned, every milestone passed, and every glass ceiling shattered.

Pace Blog_Common Ground_Adrienne AlbertADRIENNE ALBERT, CEO – The Marketing Directors

Adrienne Albert is nationally recognized as one of the foremost marketing and sales experts in residential real estate. With her firm, The Marketing Directors, Ms. Albert has been personally responsible for the marketing and sales of over $30 billion in residential sales. Over the past 30+ years, The Marketing Directors has served dozens of clients on a wide range of projects, from single family homes to high density multi-use developments, in locations from Canada to Mexico, New York to California. (Read her full bio here.)

We were thrilled and so grateful to talk with Adrienne for our Common Ground campaign, to hear about her achievements, how she broke in and made it in the industry, advice she has for other women in the field, and much more. Click on any or all of the video thumbnails to see Adrienne’s responses to our questions.


Q: How did you get your start in the real estate industry?

Q: Did you or do you have any role models in the industry, or someone who influenced you in a significant way in the field?

Q: What were some obstacles or challenges you faced along the way on your career path?

Q: Have you seen changes in gender equality since you started in the field?

Q: What’s one major milestone or achievement you can share from your career?

Q: Is there something you would still like to accomplish in your career?

Q: What advice would you give to women who may be starting out, trying to break in, or trying to advance in the field?

Q: As part of our campaign for gender equality, we’re working with Bottomless Closet, a local non-profit that helps disadvantaged women who are transitioning from unemployment and public assistance into the workplace. Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for these women who are attempting to find work and establish a career – in any field – in spite of severe hardship?

Q: Last question, on a more lighthearted note: what’s the last great book you read or show you binged?

Thanks to Adrienne Albert for participating in our Pace Common Ground Trailblazer feature… and for sharing her unique experience and insights on being a pioneering woman in real estate! Watch for our next Common Ground feature and more to follow as we share this important campaign for Gender Equality throughout 2017.