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Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences: Digital Marketing Success Story


Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences, the first of its kind wellness resort and residences, hired Pace to ramp up their residential digital marketing and drive quality leads to their sales team.


By revamping the traditional and digital campaigns, sales soared. Sensitive to the Covid environment TV spots focused on wellness with a subtle sales message throughout the summer of 2020. By fall a full-blown digital campaign, incorporating both paid search and social media, was deployed to support the reopening of the sales center and in-person tours. In partnership with the expertise of the Compass New Development sales team, Pace utilized proprietary technology to optimize the campaigns.  This resulted in increased quality leads and lower cost per lead heading into 2021.  


Total sold since Pace was awarded Agency of Record: $50,280,500
Digital Spend $400K
Monthly ROI 628.5%

Campaign optimization led to a lowered cost per lead by 40%
Nearing Sellout

I think that involving the Pace team in the marketing of the Amrit condos in early 2020 has certainly contributed to the overall success of the project.   The PACE team is very thorough in their planning and then analyzing trackable customer data to ensure that the digital marketing strategy and spend is delivering the desired results.  It has been a pleasure to work with such a highly talented and positive team.”  

Matt Rocco | President / CEO
Etech Global Services
Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences

A sample of the social media ads and e-blasts


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