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January 2017

Women in Commercial Real Estate, Circa 2017

By Common Ground: Gender Equality, Food for Thought

Pace Blog_2017It’s 2017. We have a new president, a new administration, a new Congress. We’ve started a completely new chapter in our nation’s history. We’ll leave it to others to speculate and pontificate about where we go from here and how this new leadership will impact various issues in our land. We’re not a political agency and this is not an issue-oriented blog! But this year at Pace, we are dedicating time and resources to explore one issue in particular – Gender Equality  (particularly in the real estate sector) – as part of our parent company’s Common Ground initiative. Read More

Here’s How We Launched Brooklyn’s Hottest New Rental

By Pace Creative Spotlight: Our Work, Pace Expertise, Pace Services, Pace Updates

Following our work on the successful, speedy lease up of The Giovanni, Red Apple Group engaged Pace to handle the branding and marketing of its newest luxury rental building, The Margo. This chic new luxury rental building happens to be right next door to The Giovanni in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. We’re excited to share that in only one month, over 40 units were leased at The Margo. Here’s how we put our marketing and branding expertise to work successfully on this exciting project!

Pace blog_Margo_entry

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