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Here’s How We Launched Brooklyn’s Hottest New Rental

Following our work on the successful, speedy lease up of The Giovanni, Red Apple Group engaged Pace to handle the branding and marketing of its newest luxury rental building, The Margo. This chic new luxury rental building happens to be right next door to The Giovanni in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. We’re excited to share that in only one month, over 40 units were leased at The Margo. Here’s how we put our marketing and branding expertise to work successfully on this exciting project!

Pace blog_Margo_entry


Fort Greene is a burgeoning residential area of Brooklyn, filled with tremendous opportunity. At the same time, the market is seeing more and more rental projects rising on a regular basis, so the competition is strong. We needed to make The Margo stand out among all other rental buildings in the area.

Pace blog_The Margo rooftop deck

Rendering of the rooftop deck at The Margo in Fort Greene, Brooklyn


Pace Blog_Margo Logo_2CWe began, critically, by developing a logo, to create the right overall image for the building. We created an iconic logo that playfully weaves together the letter “m” (for Margo) in an intriguing way. It is a modern-looking design, to go with an ultra-modern building. It utilizes vibrant colors to reflect the energetic ambience and lifestyle offered by the building. Also, the client wanted this building to have a more “feminine” feel, to contrast with The Giovanni, which has a more masculine feel – hence, the use of purple. It is a logo that is immersive, drawing you in, as the letters intertwine, overlap and seem to loop on each other endlessly, not unlike the universal symbol for “infinity.” Likewise, this is a building that draws you in, a place you want to immerse yourself in, where you can be part of a community and a spirit that goes on and on and on.

Once the logo was in place, we developed unique positioning for the building, based on the active and energetic word GO, which (nicely) happens to be part of its name. Through a series of “GO statements” or directives, we highlighted many of the building’s unique characteristics, encouraging potential tenants to GO to The Margo if they wanted a home that was modern, cosmopolitan, local and luxurious. Our lively “GO” campaign – GO Modern, GO Cosmopolitan, GO Local, GO Social and GO Luxurious – expresses the differentiators that make it the best in Fort Greene living.

Pace Blog_MargoLeasingCtr

Creative elements of the leasing center Pace designed for The Margo


We developed a fully integrated campaign for The Margo, with our Pace creative team overseeing every aspect of marketing for the project including: logo design, signage, brochure, marketing center displays, website, renderings, photography, direct mail, digital media planning and SEO/SEM.

Pace Blog_Margo Stationery

Stationery package designed by Pace for The Margo

Pace Blog_MargoWeb

A page from The Margo website, created by Pace

Pace Blog_Margo Brochure

Sample of The Margo brochure created by Pace

Pace Blog_successTHE RESULTS

Our first project for Red Apple, The Giovanni, achieved 100% occupancy in less than a year and had the highest CTR on for several months in a row. We anticipate similar results for The Margo, which had its grand opening in September 2016 – and, as noted, over 40 units were leased already after the first month.