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Erika Cubano loves working in advertising, but it’s not the career she imagined for herself as a girl growing up in Queens. Back in the day, she wanted to be a teacher. And she got some hands-on experience. As a child, Erika used to teach her younger brother and cousins. Problem is, they didn’t like coming to her “class” because they thought she was too tough and gave too much homework! The educational system’s loss was our gain, as Erika brought that tenacity and strong work ethic to Pace. Around here, if you want to make sure something gets done – often ahead of schedule and under budget – Erika is your person. She’s a skilled project manager, responsible for the day-to-day management of many of our key clients. Outside of the office, Erika loves scary movies (ask her how many of the “Saw” movies she’s seen), yoga, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Just don’t ask her to teach them anymore…

Two truths and a lie about Erika Cubano… can you guess?

I appeared in TV commercial.
I was a Girl Scout.
I’m a coin collector.