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Hernan Pascuccelli

Senior Art Director | Designer


As a boy in Argentina, Hernan wanted to grow up to be a good person and to be tall. One of those wishes came true. But he also grew up to be quite an artist. Hernan has worked internationally as a designer, art director and creative director for many agencies before joining Pace in 2011. Ask who his favorite artist is and he’ll tell you Bruce Lee. (A martial artist, but we guess that counts.) Out of the office, there’s not much Hernan would rather do than surf. Any beach. Anywhere in the world. A sports fanatic, he also loves windsurfing and paddle surfing. Not surprisingly, with so much time spent in the water, his favorite food is seafood. He says he would grill and eat a mermaid if it was the catch of the day. Oh, and about those childhood wishes: he turned out to be a pretty good guy, in case you were wondering.