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Holly Kingsley



Holly has come a long way since being named “Baby of the Week” by her local Chattanooga newspaper. Rising above her childhood aspirations of being a flight attendant, Holly joined Pace in 1997, rising through the ranks to become a Senior VP and now Chief Operations Officer (COO). As COO, she is responsible for the overall operations of the agency, ensuring the efficiency of our staff and our multiple offices. Holly manages many critical relationships with key Pace partners, vendors/suppliers, and associations, while also supervising strategic planning and providing senior-level management for many of our key clients.

She is a pivotal part of our new business efforts at Pace and is actively involved in the New Jersey Builders Association, including being on the Atlantic Builders Convention committee, the Sales and Marketing (SAM) committee, and the Professional Women in Building in the Garden State association.

It’s no surprise to learn that Holly was a cheerleader in high school and college – and that she has two tattoos. That kind of sums up her personality: always cheerful – and tough as nails when she needs to be. As for those childhood dreams of being a flight attendant? Well, we can attest that Holly soars high and reaches for the stars every day as part of our senior management team. Mission accomplished.