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Go ahead. Ask someone with an MA in English to provide a bio. You might end up with this: Laugh. Smile. Run. Race. Train. Compete. Radiate. Engage. Anticipate. Achieve. Improve. Overcome. Fight. Think. Rethink. Learn. Joke. Lead. Question. Push. Imagine. Listen. Watch. Read. Solve. Adapt. Organize. Try. Create. Shine. Bite. Be. Clearly, Katie loves words – and she paints a pretty vivid picture of herself. A native Bostonian, she moved to NYC in early 2015 after joining our team. Katie Cope brings valuable client services experience from a digital marketing firm, along with an extensive retail management background and a genuine love for working with people – all of which makes her a perfect fit for her account management role. When not working, Katie likes tennis and running (we can’t keep up with all her races and runs). And while she’s still loyal to her hometown (you can take the girl out of Boston…), she is enjoying exploring the new city she now calls “home.”

Two truths and a lie… can you guess?

I am a germaphobe who routinely competes in mud runs… and loves them!
I’m a sports fan from Boston but I don’t follow baseball or the Red Sox.
I’m a terrible liar.