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Morgan Pandula

Operations Manager | Media Buyer


A key part of placing media is staying on schedule, and no one keeps placements on track better than Morgan. When there’s no time to waste on small talk and subtleties, her straightforward business style helps get all the moving parts in line, assuring ads are in on time. Always running a mile a minute at the office, she rarely slows down. Yet, when not running media, she prefers to spend her time outdoors kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and on rainy days she can be found baking or reading a book. Back at the office, she works closely on everything from media research, client authorizations, and insertion orders, to budget maintenance and end-of-month reconciliations. Morgan is experienced in strategic planning and buying for all media platforms, including broadcast, out-of-home, print, and digital. She is extremely detail oriented and always mindful of the client’s budget. That means she ensures each dollar is spent in the most effective way possible.