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Musician, technology expert, problem solver, photographer, creative services director – let’s just call Philip a Renaissance Man, because the guy does it all. After completing instruction in Jazz Composition/Performance at Berklee College of Music, Philip moved to NYC to pursue a career as a professional musician. His fascination with technology and computers led him to develop a parallel career in Apple tech consulting, focused on design studios and ad agencies with their unique support needs. This career path eventually led him directly into the ad industry. Whether he’s composing music, redesigning tech infrastructure to support a creative department, or ensuring quality control as our final link in the production process, Philip is pretty much a virtuoso. And if he doesn’t know it, he learns it—fast. Lucky for us, he followed the advertising career track – but somehow, we can still picture him onstage in a dark, smoky NYC club, laying down some chords with a small jazz combo…

Two truths and a lie… can you guess?

The following statement is true.
The preceding statement is false.
None of the above.