Florida Atlantic University

For the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Athletics Department, we created the “Making Waves” campaign in order to increase the team’s notoriety and drive ticket sales. The campaign gave a face to the FAU sports teams by featuring the athletes. For the first time, the school’s athletes took center stage on billboards, print ads and digital display ads, showcasing exactly whom prospective ticket buyers would see.

Featuring the athletes built a stronger connection between prospective ticket buyers and the FAU teams, which helped boost total ticket sales by 15% for all FAU teams. Additionally, the campaigns showcased the family entertainment aspect of attending an FAU football game in a new stadium that had not yet achieved a high profile.

Following this successful campaign for FAU Athletics, we worked with a number of other departments within the university. That work included an award-winning microsite for the Alumni Association, as well as a popular web video for the Student Housing Department.

Advertising Awards Won For Florida Atlantic University Work

  • Bronze — Education Digital Marketing Awards Best Microsite (2017)