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Leo Astrologo

Art Director


Leo is our resident Zen master. Calm, cool and focused, he keeps his head above water in the office when he could be drowning in job orders. Out of the office, he’s happy to be underwater. Leo is a certified scuba diver and literally knows what it’s like to swim with the sharks: he swam with a whale shark in Mexico; with dolphins, rays and more sharks in Belize; and cavorted with a manta ray and some sea turtles in Maui. Born in NYC, Leo lived in Japan for six years as a boy, where he cultivated a taste for all things artistic – drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery. He wanted to grow up to be an artist like Da Vinci, following in the footsteps of his mom, grandma and aunt. So it’s perfectly natural to find him working as an art director at Pace, where he gets to dabble in art and design every day – while dreaming about his next underwater escapade.