Broward College

At Pace, we strive to reach short-term goals while building long-term brands. In the case of Broward College, the goal was to boost enrollments while creating an identity for the college and its students. The “I Can” campaign that we created with Broward College utilized a motivational message across traditional and digital platforms, positioning the school as an educational institution where students choose to go so they can make a difference in their lives and in the world around them. The campaign engaged current and prospective students, cultivated a cohesive identity for the college, and increased enrollments.

The campaign used actual students to deliver a motivational message about what could be achieved with Broward College. The advertising pieces engaged prospective and current students, building a cohesive identity and cultivating a long-lasting bond between the college, its students and prospects.

Before we rolled out the campaign, we conducted live polling focus groups at various Broward College campuses, in which students viewed four different TV commercials. Two of the commercials were for Broward College and the other two were from competitors. The students were then asked to answer questions via a live polling app on their cell phones. We then incorporated the insights and feedback gained from these focus groups to make calculated decisions regarding branding and competitive strategy.

After the campaign debuted, Broward College saw a significant spike in enrollment. So much so, that there were too many applications to process. Our solution for this bottleneck was a, “VIP enrollment process” which used various incentives to encourage students to enroll early.

Advertising Awards Won For Broward College Work

  • Silver — Education Digital Marketing Awards Best Online Display Ads (2017)
  • 1st Place — Association of Florida Colleges Trendsetter Award (2016)
  • 1st Place — Association of Florida Colleges Best Digital Promotion (2016)
  • 1st Place — Association of Florida Colleges Best Annual Report (2016)
  • 1st Place — Association of Florida Colleges Best Brochure (2016)
  • 2nd Place — Association of Florida Colleges Best Social Media Campaign (2016)