Calder Casino

When Calder Casino opened in 2010, exhaustive studies and analysis said that it would be an uphill battle to penetrate the highly competitive South Florida gaming market, especially with limited game offerings and facility assets compared to the Native American-owned properties. But as the Casino’s first Agency of Record, Pace established Calder’s foothold in the crowded industry.

We developed a unique brand for the casino, separate from the Churchill Downs brand that was associated with the property. The new, unique brand had to be impactful, consistent, and easily recognizable through our various media platforms including outdoor/out- of-home, television (local network and cable), local spot radio/radio traffic sponsorships, print, and interactive. Penetration and position were the key objectives, with a goal of establishing Calder as the premier facility for the full gaming experience. This included carving out a solid market share for the new facility by luring players away from neighboring casinos.

During the five years that Pace and Calder worked together, the Casino’s share of the local market had steadily increased. Despite 
the opening of two new casinos within our last year of serving as Agency of Record, Calder maintained 15% market share. To this day, Calder has one of the most recognizable casino brands in South Florida, and has an opportunity for continued growth.