Southern Technical College

When we started working with Southern Technical College (STC), the school offered innovative programs that focused on growing industries with strong demand for trained personnel. STC offered hands-on training with the latest technology, but you wouldn’t know any of this by looking at their dated branding and marketing materials.

So we rebranded the entire school, from updated logos to brand new collateral. Then, we executed the new brand standards throughout TV commercials, interactive banner ads, billboards, and other marketing platforms with a focus on boosting enrollments in order to meet quarterly goals.

Since a well-paying career is more important to the school’s audience than the college experience, we focused on the end result of attending the school instead of focusing on the school itself. We ran ads that showcased how STC can improve the lives of its students, while highlighting the in-demand fields that graduates can go into it.

This no-nonsense approach to education resonated with the school’s target market, increasing enrollments by more than 10% and helping the school expand to offer more programs at new campuses.

We also filmed graduations and tracked the successes of students in order to show the triumphs that students were having in their personal lives because they made the choice to attend STC.