Shuster: The Oakman / The Grove / The Art House

We’ve worked with Shuster on a number of high-profile Jersey City projects, involved from the earliest stage of naming the projects through the full development of branding materials. We named The Grove for its prime location near the Grove Street PATH line and created a complementary tagline, “Try a New Path.” Our graphics and overall branding targeted hip, young professionals commuting to NYC. Located in the historic, artistic Powerhouse District, the next project demanded a different approach. Still very urban, the building needed to mesh with the neighborhood. In fact, a certain percentage of the apartments were required to be used as artist studios, in keeping with the zoned arts district. Appropriately, we named this project The Art House and our portfolio-style brochure was designed to attract those who have a passion for art. The Oakman is the most high-end of all the client’s JC projects, with finishes and amenities that are extraordinarily sophisticated – unlike anything else in the city and more akin to what one would find in Manhattan. We created the tagline “The Evolution of Luxury” to highlight this aspect in our brochure, signage and sales office.