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Director of Interactive Media


Born and raised in Brazil, Sergio turned his love of art into a career as an art director. In the early 90’s, he introduced North America’s most notable brands to the South American market, including the launch of the first Disney multimedia package in Brazil. While that would be enough for most, Sergio’s fascination with Star Trek and sci-fi films fueled him to keep accomplishing more. In 1995, he moved to America, intent on learning to use special effects like those he watched on the big screen as a child. Though he ended up in Hollywood, Florida (not California), he eventually earned a Master’s Degree in Visual Special Effects from Digital Media Arts College, all while perfecting his skills with HTML/PHP programming and computer animation. As the director of interactive media at Pace, Sergio blends his art director experience and internet knowledge with his passion for special effects, creating immersive user experiences across digital platforms.