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Art Director


Once upon a time, Tony “Swiss Cheese” Pineda (it’s a long story) began his Pace life as a young intern. Fresh out of university, he still had hope for the future. From a young boy, Tony had an eye for art with aspirations of becoming a designer and, now evolved into a Pace Art Director, he’s living his dream. As a creative, millennial mind, Tony offers an artistically driven approach to marketing problems. His love for typography & his attention to detail aid him in developing design solutions. Outside of work, when he’s not savoring artisanal lattes, basking in the glory of German automobiles, or dorkin’ it up on the computer, he’s … well, actually, he’s probably doing one of those. Now, as a quirky, millennial art director, I know what you’re thinking: “What is Tony holding in his picture? A tiny, interstellar UFO sent from Mars? An elaborate shield forged by ancient blacksmiths?” Well, no. It’s the bottom of a chandelier, yo.