452 Fifth Avenue

452 5th Avenue is a modern 30-story tower building in midtown Manhattan that had been completely occupied by HSBC bank for many years. Then our client, IDB Group, bought the property. As part of the purchase, HSBC stayed in the lower half of the building, but vacated the 12th through 30th floors. The new owners knew they could lease these floors, but wanted to get much more money per square foot. So they did a major capital improvement program (new lobby, elevators, entry). And they hired us to completely rebrand and reposition the building. We developed a new logo and tagline (“The new best of New York”), as well as a high-end brochure, signage, an email campaign, print ads, and an on-site event, all conveying the quality of the property. Within one year, all of the available space was completely leased – for significantly higher rents and to top-quality firms. We love it when a plan works.