Everyone knows that Glenwood is the ultimate provider of Manhattan’s finest luxury rentals. And everyone knows that when you live in a Glenwood building, you experience the height of luxury and the quintessential Manhattan urban lifestyle. Problem is, everyone has seen their ads over the years, which have become a little too familiar to New Yorkers. We needed to wake people up to this company again. So we developed a rebranding campaign, to make them truly stand out from the pack and remind people precisely why they are the best when it comes to luxury NYC rentals. We created a series of ads that used large, bold, single-word headlines and striking, complementary single images to convey many of the most distinctive attributes of their properties. These compelling ads, in a word, reminded everyone of what Glenwood offers: elegance, indulgence, relaxation. Then, simply but definitively, we followed each of these defining words with the statement “… by Glenwood.” In other words, it’s not just elegance. It’s elegance by Glenwood, which brings a whole new meaning to the word.