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A Common Ground Conversation with Jill Lotenberg

By Common Ground: Gender Equality, Trailblazers: Pioneering Women in Real Estate

Jill Lotenberg

We’re pleased to present the latest interview in our Common Ground campaign for Gender Equality, featuring Jill Lotenberg.

Jill is an innovative, award-winning commercial photographer, renowned for her work in commercial real estate and many other fields. She has hung out of helicopters to capture aerial views of NY properties and steadied her camera to capture many iconic buildings and varied subjects. And like all of our Common Ground trailblazers, she is a true pioneer in so many ways.

It’s our honor to focus our lens on women like Jill, who are anything but common! They have paved the way for so many other women to follow. Here’s to every achievement earned, every milestone passed, and every glass ceiling shattered!

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