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The 3 Second Rule

By October 14, 2016January 13th, 2020Branding & Marketing, Pace Expertise, Pace Services, Pace Updates

Pace blog_social media-iPhone_3 second ruleSocial media is not just addictive, it’s practical too. Through social, you are providing information to your “network” fast – but perhaps not fast enough, according to the 3 second rule.Our culture has become so dependent on mobile devices that it is incumbent on advertisers, brands and agencies to create campaigns that are optimized for the mobile experience. As reported in a recent Ad Age article (“Facebook Tells Advertisers to Speed Up Sites or Don’t Bother Asking for Clicks,” Garett Sloane, published August 31, 2016), a study found that 40% of people on Facebook do not wait for an ad if it takes more than 3 seconds for the page to load. So the challenge for advertisers is not only to create a clear, concise message that is both memorable and brand building – it must also load in 3 seconds or else!

pace-blog_3-seconds_3 second ruleAlthough this is a tall order, there are certain ways to accomplish this “mission impossible.” One method, according to the article, is to use smaller files and less code when programming a mobile web site. Another solution falls to the sites where advertisers choose to spend their ad dollars. Top media sites such as Facebook, Google and The New York Post are using their own technology to speed up the loading process. Facebook has recently introduced technology that “pre-fetches” an advertiser’s mobile website, so the content is available as soon as a user clicks through on an ad. The purpose of this is to create a seamless, “at-your-fingertips” mobile experience for the end user.

pace-blog_website-speed_3 second rule

Every second counts when viewers are on the go and waiting for your site to load!

pace-blog_mobile_3 second ruleReality check here. 3 seconds is 1/20th of a minute. However, it can seem like an eternity to mobile users who have become accustomed to truly instant gratification. Mobile ads can no longer be an afterthought to their desktop counterpart, and must be designed and programed in a mobile-native ad format. There are just too many differences between the mobile and desktop experience for a one-size fits all approach. Nuances such as load time are a crucial component when planning a mobile campaign. The worst case scenario for an advertiser is to cut through the clutter of ads and get the user to click through, only to click away due to load time.

At Pace, we have a digital and social media team that is dedicated to creating the most creative and effective campaigns for our clients – on mobile or any digital platform. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to online advertising, and it’s important to work with a partner who understands all the aspects, at every level. We are constantly expanding our knowledge of digital and upgrading our technologies, in order to better serve our clients and meet the demands of the ever-changing digital landscape. We would love to talk with you about your digital strategies and how we can help optimize them for maximum results!


Heather Malko

Heather Malko is Vice President, Account Director at Pace. An accomplished advertising and marketing executive with nearly 20 years of experience in the real estate and hospitality industries, Heather has a proven track record of creating, managing and executing successful integrated branding and advertising campaigns for high-end luxury real estate. Contact her at