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The Club at Pearl River: Live. Life. Better!


We’re pleased to be working with BNE Real Estate Group on their new project, The Club at Pearl River – and proud to share some of our work for this exciting new project. The Club at Pearl River is a high-end rental community for adults 55+, featuring a stunning collection of 160 one- and two-bedroom rental residences with resort-style amenities. It’s located in Rockland County, NY, but we’re targeting potential tenants who live just across the state border in Bergen County, NJ – primarily because rents are significantly higher in Jersey, even though it’s just a few minutes away. Unlike many 55+ projects, this one is targeting adults who are not yet retired, but still ready to downsize from a larger house – and interested in testing out this type of resort-inspired, low-maintenance community, by renting instead of buying.

Pace blog_club-at-pearl-river-exterior

Residences at The Club at Pearl River

Graphically, we wanted to create a campaign that reflects the community’s ambience: contemporary and luxurious, with a casual-classy feel; warm, comfortable, and relaxed. We designed a logo and a tagline (Live. Life. Better.) to be used consistently across all platforms, including a brochure, video, landing page, website, print ads, outdoor, and a leasing center. We also developed a unique graphic image: an infinity-like icon that loops around on itself and flows continuously (the icon is hinted at in our logo). This flowing, looping, never-ending icon connotes a feeling of vibrant, peaceful motion and reflects a seamless integration of the project’s best elements: the residences, the amenities, the setting & location, all of which combine to truly make life better here. This icon appears throughout all our marketing, reinforcing the logo, tagline, and concept at every touchpoint.


Outdoor campaign for The Club at Pearl River

In all of our graphics and imagery, we want to convey this idea: that you will live a better life at The Club at Pearl River. We demonstrate this visually through contemporary graphics featuring youthful adults in fresh, relaxed settings; and renderings & photos of the modern, comfortable residences.


Mural created for leasing office at The Club at Pearl River

For our introductory print ad, we used the tagline as the headline, to introduce this idea in a bold way. The copy is designed to hit trigger points for the target audience, by highlighting aspects of the community that would appeal to them: the fact that it’s brand-new; it’s for-rent vs. for purchase; it’s gated, with resort-style features & amenities; with an ideal and more affordable location. Then we invite them to “test drive” this next stage of life, which renting allows you to do. We end the ad with a call to action, acknowledging that they have emptied the nest… and now inviting them to “Join The Club.”


Initial print ad developed for The Club at Pearl River

We also created a video for the project, which is played on a repeating loop on a large-screen monitor in the leasing center. The video also talks about this being the “time to right-size your life” and shows the models, while highlighting the amenities and location. It ends with the same call to action as the print ad: acknowledging that they have emptied the nest… and now inviting them to “Join The Club.”

We’re proud to report that, since opening in late summer 2016 after launching this campaign, The Club at Pearl River has been overwhelmed with traffic and the community is already over 90% leased – in under four months! That’s music to our ears.


Another look inside the leasing office at The Club at Pearl River

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