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Everyone Should Really be More Social

By September 16, 2016September 21st, 2016Pace Expertise

Today, almost two thirds of the American adult public get news from social media (Forbes). Facebook alone has more than 50 million active business pages on its platform. Social media is everywhere we look, which is exactly why we love managing social campaigns for our clients. Our team is constantly creating, posting, and sharing engaging content that will set our clients apart.


Social media is not only fun, but it’s practical, too. You’re providing your audience with knowledge – fast. Your profiles become information hubs, so it’s important to create a space where your fans can engage and easily obtain the answers to their questions – your content needs to be share-able. Effective storytelling is an important tool for anyone working in social media.screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-2-37-49-pm

Social media is all about  staying current and fully understanding your audience. You have to make a conscious effort to include everyone within your community – even keeping in mind how that community might change and grow in the future. For starters, you want to choose the correct social platform that is best for your brand and your audience – take into account your goal and the age and interests of your readers. Would your business do best on Snapchat or on Facebook?

Your brand’s social media presence will help set you apart from your competition, it becomes a space where you gain the ability to create a dialogue and showcase your expertise in your field. When first creating your profile, there are some simple ways to optimize and make sure you stand out.  Your social profile is usually the first thing that new customers look at, so choosing a profile and cover photo that will stand out and capture people’s attention is important. Keeping your content current will help you create quality content that is sought after by your audience.

Social media is constantly changing and evolving, making it hard to keep up sometimes. It’s crucial to stay current and to keep up with industry blogs and websites. A handful of helpful social media resources to find tips and tricks include: Social Media Today, Simply Measured, Hootsuite Blog, Buffer Social.

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Maeghan Gough is our Social Media Coordinator here at Pace and a self proclaimed social media #savant. Legend has it that her first word was “blog” and that she was tweeting before she could walk. Exactly the type of person we needed to take charge and coordinate the multiple daily posts and tweets and likes and boosts and ads and everything social for our clients. Contact her at