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Boca Raton Regional Hospital: Boosting Admissions with Strategic Media Placements

By October 31, 2018Uncategorized

When crafting a media plan for an organization as diverse as the Boca Raton Regional Hospital, there are a number of unique challenges and opportunities.

“The hospital has five core service lines and each of them have their own respective budgets,” said Julie Bricker, Pace Vice President, Media. “We craft the media plans so that each of the service lines complement one another without competing with each other.”

This strategic media planning has helped the Boca Raton Regional Hospital increase admissions and other key metrics over a 12-month period. Best of all, we were able to contribute to these proven results with a limited media budget and over 40% of the Clients budget in negotiated relevant added value.

“Pace provides great strategic counsel,” said Thomas Chakurda, Boca Raton Regional Hospital Vice President, Marketing. “Given Pace’s prominence in South Florida, they bring exceedingly strong negotiating power to our media buys. Securing their services was one of the best decisions I have made in my career.”

By utilizing highly efficient placements and negotiating value added spots, we help our clients enhance their reach and frequency without increasing their marketing budgets.

“We buy millions in media which means even smaller clients are able to piggy back off of our buying power,” Bricker said. “If you’re doing your own media placements or have an outside media buyer, there’s a good chance we can get you better results without spending more money.”

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