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Pace Advertising Named Top 10 Agency in South Florida

By August 30, 2018June 24th, 2019Ad Industry News, Awards & Honors

Pace was ranked number 10 on the South Florida Business Journal’s list of Top 20 advertising agencies in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach metro areas. To get a deeper look at one of South Florida’s top ad agencies, the Business Journal interviewed Pace President Diana Riser. The article, which was written by Data Reporter Jessica Bryant, originally appeared on but you can read it in full right here.

About the List: Pace Communications Group president talks about adapting to the digital age

With clients including the Miami Marlins and Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Pace Communications Group is making its debut on our list of the Top 20 advertising agencies in the region.

The Business Journal spoke with the firm’s president, Diana Riser, to discuss trends, transformation and social media’s impact on advertising.

What are some developing trends in your industry?

There is an ever-changing social media landscape, with new regulations that put restrictions on advertising options and therefore create new opportunities to get creative or try additional platforms that are evolving. Second, print is not dead and it’s needed in the media mix for maximum effectiveness. And third, creative messaging truly counts, and strong branding and creative campaigns are important in a changing landscape of marketing platforms.

How has your industry changed over the years?

Accountability is crucial. With digital, we are able to analyze measurements, engagement and be more accountable through various tracking abilities. Social and digital are strong and trackable to a certain extent, but there is a lack of evidence of conversion when it comes to digital engagement.

Agencies have become specialized, which can be effective, but there is a loss of overall strategy with the segmentation of capabilities across multiple agencies. As a result, clients have brought marketing in-house, which keeps teams closer to the issues/solutions, but they may be too close to the picture to have a clear perspective.

Have recent developments in social media and online marketing changed the types of services you offer?

As digital technologies change and social platforms evolve, we are expanding our services and adapting strategies. We digitally target consumers in previously nonexistent ways. We develop databases of consumers based on online behavior, demographics and other qualifiers to better track conversions, not just engagement or traffic.

Our creative team has evolved to deliver assets that will capture consumer attention. We monitor changes in social media platforms and algorithms, and update strategies accordingly. We are content producers testing messaging, imagery and features. Through constant digital listening, data analysis and testing, we evaluate the quality of engagement and leads generated.

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Now that you’ve read the interview and seen the list, it’s time to put one of South Florida’s top ad agencies to work for you. Contact us now to see how we can help you reach your business goals.