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36 East 57th Street: A House of Business Like No Other

432 Park Avenue is one of NYC’s most recognizable buildings–and one of the tallest residential buildings in the western hemisphere. At the base of this iconic tower is 36 East 57th Street and 40 East 57th Street. This elegant new boutique building offers sophisticated office floors and retail space respectively. The prestigious midtown location, directly across from The Four Seasons Hotel, is ideal for high-end office and retail tenants. Pace was hired to create the brand and to market this spectacular new space.

Introducing A House of Business Like No Other

Our challenge was to create a unique identity for the office and retail components of this new building. We needed to create something that will both complement and stand apart from the residences at 432 Park Avenue, which already has an established, highly visible brand. To accomplish this, we created branding for the office and retail addresses that were familial to each other. They also evoked the presence of 432 Park (a slender, towering building represented by a series of squares). The squares also evoke Manhattan’s defining “grid plan” of city streets and pick up on a design element from an artistic totem statue located at the office space entry.

We created a tagline for the office and retail components – House of Business – to establish this as more than just another New York City office building or retail space. This is truly a House of Business like no other, set “at the base of one of the world’s tallest buildings… and at the center of everything that matters in New York.”

To help market the space, we created: an email campaign; a center spread ad in the Commercial Observer promoting the retail space; a website; and a unique marketing center. Our team designed and developed a marketing environment that features wall graphics and displays, including oversized renderings that filled entire walls, to give the impression of actually being in completed office space. We filled one entire wall with our “marketing manifesto” for 30 East 57th Street. We also procured a set of customized books about New York architecture to present as gifts to attendees including customized fly sheets and bookmarks.

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