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Whether you call them Millennials or Generation Y, this diverse group could be your new target market. Born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials are ripe to be lifelong loyal customers to whichever business understands them the best.

Millennials on their devices_Pace Blog_2018Totaling over 87 million individuals, Millennials already outnumber Baby Boomers.1 Within five years, they will be half the workforce and will represent one-third of all retail spending.2 Though Millennials may not seem like your business’s prototypical demographic, they offer a tremendous opportunity for brands that know how to reach them.

4 Tips for How to Reach the Millennial Market

  1. Get Connected.

    Smartphones and social networks have changed every aspect of social interaction and economic expenditure, particularly for Millennials. In a survey, free Wi-Fi, phone charging ports, and an ability to incorporate online content ranked among the most important things to them in an entertainment environment.3 So whether you’re throwing a model grand opening or a product launch party, offering these features will increase the likelihood that Millennials attend and share the experience with their friends online. 

millenial on his smart phone_Pace blog 2018

  1. Get Social.

    While getting connected will help Millennials be social online, they also want to be social within their environment. Cultivate interaction amongst your audience by catering to groups more than individuals. By creating an interactive experience for them, they’ll not only connect with each other, but they’ll connect with your brand.

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  1. Get Socially Responsible.

    Not only do Millennials love being social, but they also admire social responsibility. By throwing charity-driven events or developing ways to support, promote and benefit non-profits and socially responsible organizations, you will be encouraging them to engage with your business. It also helps them feel more connected to others, which is one of the primary aspirations for this generation.

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  1. Get Out Your Message.

    If you follow the first three tips, you’ll be ahead of most businesses. But it will all be for naught if Millennials don’t know you’ve made these changes. You need to get your message to them in a way that will entertain and intrigue them enough to check out your brand. Millennials cherish experiences more than things, so promotions won’t get them in the door. You need to show the connection, sell the experience, and let them play a role in the communication.

Are you ready to reach the Millennial market? Team Pace can help. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business expand its reach and increase leads.

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George N. AslanianAs a Copywriter and SEO Manager at Pace, George Aslanian helps the agency’s clients utilize relevant content to engage their audience, drive sales, and improve search engine rankings. George is a Google Certified marketer and an award-winning digital copywriter with vast experience in web development, on-page optimization and user experience design.



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