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Best Social Media Networks for Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Pace Blog_Social Media OptionsWe’re often asked by clients, both in the commercial and residential real estate realms, what we think are the best social media networks for them to use for their businesses. It’s a good question – and a legitimate concern today, with so many social outlets available… and so many others that have come and gone! We’re sort of past the point where clients are asking us if they should even be on social media. These days, it’s pretty well understood and accepted that they need to be there. The big question is WHERE should they be?

That’s why were pleased to see a recent blog post from our friends over at The Content Funnel, titled “Four Best Social Networks for CRE.” We agree with Sarah Malcolm’s recommendations and we’re happy to share some of their content here. We encourage you to check out the full article, as well. In addition to their good recommendations, we asked our own Social Media Coordinator, Maeghan Gough, for her suggestions for the best social networks to use, for both CRE and residential RE.


For CRE? Absolutely. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking social platform, with over 238 million members. According to The Content Funnel, LinkedIn is valuable for connecting to other colleagues and professional business contacts, and also great for content distribution, adding that “People searching LinkedIn’s content are more likely to actually read it.”

Maeghan agrees, adding: “LinkedIn is the perfect place to build your professional brand. You can easily make connections to other business professionals in CRE, potential clients or rising stars in the industry. LinkedIn allows CRE clients to dive deeper into content marketing, which is important in a niche market.”

For Residential? Not so much. According to Maeghan, “Residential RE properties can tend to be more photogenic than a CRE property – oceanfront properties or sprawling mansions – making it less crucial to focus time and energy on content marketing and distribution. The clients you want to be reaching in the residential market are not going to be found on a business-centric platform like LinkedIn.”


For CRE? There’s no getting around Facebook – nor would you want to. As the world’s largest social media network, Facebook provides countless opportunities to reach people by publishing content targeted to the people you want to reach. Facebook Groups are a good way to network. Maeghan says, “Facebook groups offer another great way to connect with key players in the industry – all the people who want to talk to, all in one place. It’s a great way to assert your expertise in the field.”

Pace Blog_Best Social Media Networks

Sample residential real estate Facebook post from Pace client, The Vineyards at Blue Point

For Residential? You’d be crazy not to. According to Maeghan: “Facebook for Residential RE is crucial. A Facebook page allows you to create a community where homeowners and potential and future buyers can find answers to their questions, see testimonials and reviews from current tenants, view additional photos of the property and so much more.”


For CRE? While it might not be the first platform you think of or use for CRE, The Content Funnel advises you not to write it off but to consider using Instagram to boost your marketing efforts. Maeghan agrees, adding that “Instagram is constantly growing and continuing to see success among its users. Just recently, Instagram has achieved 700 million active monthly users – that’s a potential 700 million people seeing your content. Posts are also searchable by hashtags and geo-tags, increasing potential engagement.”

For Residential? Instagram is ideal for residential, Maeghan says. “Because Instagram is a visual-first platform, photos, and even high quality renderings, of stunning beach front properties or the penthouse overlooking Central Park, are perfect. People love beautiful photos, so use your Instagram photos as an excuse for people to visit your profile and find out more about you.”


Pace blog_Best Social Media NetworksFor CRE? The Content Funnel article points out that many CRE professionals are finding success on this fast-paced platform, which they say is good for “customer service, to send quick news, to curate content and to start conversations.” Maeghan says: “Twitter, similar to LinkedIn, is a great tool for CRE because it allows for content creation and distribution. Tweeting out news and updates revolving around the industry allows you to set yourself apart as a leader and an expert – curate your Twitter page in a way that makes it the first place industry professionals turn to.”

For Residential? For sure, according to Maeghan. “Twitter, for Residential RE, can work very well as a customer service tool – a quick and easy way for homeowners, present or future, to get in touch to ask a question or share a problem. For many people, accessing the app. on their phone is less of a hassle and less time consuming than calling a Sales Office. Twitter can also be great to push out up-to-date news about an open house or completion of a new phase of a community.”

Need help getting started with any or all of these social media platforms for your commercial or residential business? Relax – we can help make it easy for you. Contact Maeghan to see how we can get you up and running.

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Maeghan Gough is our Social Media Coordinator here at Pace and a self proclaimed social media #savant. Legend has it that her first word was “blog” and that she was tweeting before she could walk. Exactly the type of person we needed to take charge and coordinate the multiple daily posts and tweets and likes and boosts and ads and everything social for our clients. Contact her at