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Naming & Rebranding for CRE

Naming_Pace Blog_brand-nameOne of our favorite things to do as a creative agency is naming. It’s a critical part of the branding process, whether you’re a consumer packaged good… or a high-rise commercial office building. We often drill home the importance of creating the right name for our commercial and residential real estate clients. That’s why we were so interested to read this great piece from BISNOW, titled: What’s In A Name? How And Why Landlords Rebrand Their Buildings. We encourage you to read the full article (see link below for your convenience). And here we’re sharing a few key takeaways:

  • When commercial buildings are rebranded with new names, it’s typically an effort to establish a new image, to re-energize or re-introduce a “tired” building, to repair a reputation, or to just make it easier to find
    Naming_Pace Blog_Office-building

    There are many reasons why an office building may benefit from a new name

  • Name rebranding is often tied to reputation. Sometimes, a property may need to change the name to distance itself from previous perceptions
  • Giving a building a new name may also have simply to do with changes in major or anchor tenants
Naming_Pace Blog_Your Name Here

Major or anchor tenants may dictate a building’s name when full-building branding incentives are involved

  • Changing the name of a building can also help a landlord focus its branding toward a specific audience (increasingly seen with properties trying to appeal to tech tenants)
  • A new name gives landlords a reason to update marketing materials, especially online marketing like a new website or a new push on real estate websites
  • Focusing on the address as the name makes the building easier for people to locate

For the full story with some interesting examples of buildings that have successfully rebranded, click here.

For a look at some examples of commercial and residential branding and rebranding we’ve done for clients, check our online portfolio. And if you have a building or a project that could benefit from some creative naming or rebranding, contact us. We’ll help you introduce, reintroduce, or re-energize your most valuable assets.